Disposable Gloves

We provide a wide range of disposable gloves, but it is important that you make the right choice so that the gloves you purchase are the best for you.  Nitrile is a very popular kind of glove as they provide most of the same flexibility as latex but while negating the risk of an allergic reaction, these are a strong all-purpose choice.  If you know the user is not allergic to latex, then disposable gloves made from latex probably offer the most comfort and flexibility in terms of range.

Many of the other gloves in our disposable range have specifically intended purposes, polyethylene gloves for example are primarily intended for use in the food industry or vinyl gloves provide a degree of tactile ability whilst wearing them.

Please make sure that you read all product information so that you can ensure you purchase the gloves that are best for your needs and purposes.  If you have any doubt about the correct product or have questions regarding supply and availability then please contact us and we will be able to help or arrange a product representative to talk with you.



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