Chemical Resistant Gloves

For working environments that contain chemicals or a hazardous products, chemical resistant gloves are a safe PPE solution that are typically used in all chemically hazardous working environments.  Our range of chemical resistant gloves are carefully designed to offer protection for all types of chemicals, helping to maintain health and safety standards throughout the workplace.

Our gloves are designed with a longer than usual wrist length which helps to avoid potential splashback from making contact with any otherwise exposed skin on wrists and forearms. Our full range of safety and chemical resistant gloves are manufactured to the to comply with Australian safety regulations.

Our chemical resistant gloves often incorporate enhanced grip features to maximise safe handling of wet items as well as offering thick material to reduce the risk of fluid penetration. Our gloves are made for a variety of purposes and clearly state their resistances, purpose and intended usage so please ensure you read the descriptions carefully and select the best gloves that will provide the safest working conditions for your purpose.



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