Cut Resistant Gloves

Protect your hands with the Bastion Pacific’s cut resistant gloves. All of our hand protection gloves offer outstanding puncture resistance without sacrificing dexterity and hand comfort.

Cut-resistant gloves are a must-have requirement for those working under hazardous conditions or anyone handling sharp equipment. We understand how important is to keep ones’ hand safe, therefore all of our work gloves are supplied and sold only from trusted manufacturers and are especially created to shield your hands from any slashes that might happen while handling sharp tools and objects, glass or powered devices. 

When choosing the best cut protective gloves for work you should always take into account specific risks that you are going to be dealing with as we have a various range of puncture resistance gloves for a range of different hazardous jobs or environments. Most of our gloves come in glass fiber cut resistant levels 3 and 5, are double coated and high performance.  

Browse our range below and find the right safety hand gloves that are perfect for your purpose.

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